Mining Districts are being organized and instituted as a unifying voice with the assistence of MMAC. Unifying the nation-wide traditional Mining Districts as owners of the mineral rights, as “ONE CONSTITUENCY”.

MMAC Admimistrative Districts have been arranged in an easy to understand format for National and regional recognition, and in order that BLM can better coordinate with the Mining Districts.

Although all mining claim holders in the traditional mining districts have had a public chance to vote in the MMAC Administrators in their respective states, future opportunities will be every 4 years or shorter through quorum.

Traditional Mining Districts are encouraged to contact  council of their MMAC Administrative Districts. This is highly recommended in order to give consistency before existing by-laws are amended and in order they be federally reconized.

The purpose of organization of the traditional Mining Districts is to bring all of us together in unity and so they will operate lawfully consistent with their founding by-laws, and existing federal laws that do not unreasonably materially interfere. Material interferance will be dictated on the principles of miners themselves, rather than an unelectable bureaucrat of an agency.

Strength is in harmonious numbers committed to the same beliefs. ONE HUGE CONSTITUENCY = POWER

MMAC strives to keep national consistancy. MMAC is sad to terminate the relationships with the following MMAC Administrators and Mining districts because their values and integrity are not in line with MMAC. Read More...

Select your state below:

Note: The lines on the maps may not be perfectly drawn but are intended to include entire counties within their respective districts.

We will be setting up a conference call to give instructions and paperwork for the next echelon. This will include,

  • Organizing the traditional mining districts and listing them.
  • Creating a quorum for your MMAC District if you do not have one.
  • Getting word out to the miners the federal offensive fight has started.
  • Organizing the rules and regulations for MMAC.
  • How to answer problems for your MMAC district.
  • Adding other States to MMAC.
  • Getting miners involved going to their county supervisors, Governors, Congressmen and Senators (Not State. Federal) with the Newly proposed Bill from MMAC. We need to pick the strongest candidates, congressional and senatorial, to carry the Bill forward. Then we need signatures. Only the miners and traditional mining districts can do this creating the politically feared constituency.