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    The 1872 Mining Law Provides For All
    National Mining District Unification
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    Ranching Benefits From Mining
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    Recreational Activities Benefit From Mining
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    Hunting Benefits From Mining
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    National Mining District Unification
    The Miners Declaration of Independence

Educational Tools Created by Miners

MMAC's House Bill

Fund the Congressional MMAC Miners Bill
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Feel Free to email us comments: billinput@mmacusa.org

MMAC’s Continuing Educational conference calls are fantastic.

We had one of the largest conference calls on continuing ed on our last call. Thank all of you for really wanting to know the truth and how to properly move ahead to success. Our next continuing educational conference call will be lead by 2 of our MMAC Administrators that have just taken the bull by the horns. They are totally positive and uplifting, have traveled over a thousand miles for meetings, have set up or assisted over 15 mining districts, have given classes to many clubs and organization and always want to learn more.

Date: SATURDAY 10/22/2016 8:00 AM PST Agenda is by MMAC Administrators Joseph Greene and Claudia Wise

E-Mail conferencecall@mmacusa.org for registration and Conference call number and password. Please give your name, email address, state you are in, and mining district you are part of and or club you are part of.

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Welcome to the Public Lands as intended by our fore-fathers.

In less than two years, MMAC an educational services company has put its money, talents, legal, commercial mining expertise, information resources out to the miner and mining districts with no compensation. What has other organazations done in the same amount of time? What have you done in the same amunt of time? It is time to BACK MMAC and to contribute to get the Federal Bills and Amendments completed this year. It is up to you, the miner and mining districts.