What Are The MMAC’s Goals?


Everyone believes they are going in the same direction but that is not often the case. Only large mining concerns have had a voice recently in Washington DC, and it’s been a very limited one. Currently, in order to be fully immersed in the process, a miner would need to attend meetings constantly with numerous local, state and federal agencies.

Members of the California Desert District Mining Coalition (CDDMC) and Sleepy Bear Mining have been attending meetings with the BLM, DRECP, WEMO, DAC, AQ, NEPA, State, County, Municipalities, Schools, Legislature, etc., for the past five years and this is not a complete list. This has put us on the front lines, allowing us to provide input on upcoming bills, legislation, and mineral and land withdrawals, and has allowed us to combat some of the lies and exaggerations put forth to stop mining.

CDDMC and MMAC have received Congressional letters recognizing minerals and mining as federal public land stakeholders, but what does this mean? It gives us a place at the table for any discussions, land designations, legislation, consultation, etc., regarding public lands. This is huge.

At the meetings CDDMC attends, it became abundantly clear that there needs to be a national voice for mining before we all lose mining and public land rights. The MMAC was created as a project under Public lands for the People to fill this void.  To reach this goal, we need your help.

The Minerals and Mining Advisory Council (MMAC) has been recognized by Congressional leaders. The next step is to get all the Mining Districts to organize.


• Unite all miners – large and small.

• Bring all miners together in the traditional organized Mining Districts.

• Continue to encourage miners to apply for various positions within the newly created MMAC Administrative Districts.

• Hold elections to fill those positions.

• Gain strength by bringing in other public land users who will benefit from improved access to public lands.

• Have a bill passed in Congress (Minerals & Mining Regulatory Reform Act) to clarify the Mining Districts & MMAC’s role as a federal district and their relation with the other agencies.

• To reach our goals, we will implement easy to understand bylaws, rules and regulations, with unity between all of the traditional mining districts, organizations and groups. We will need all miners to pitch in. We have set the wheels in motion and are now seeking your help.

What We Have Accomplished Thus Far

• The goals were established and much of the legal research completed to create the MMAC.

• We worked with (and are continuing to work with) several members of Congress and their aides to write the bill to support mining in the United States.

• A website was created (www.mineralsandminingadvisorycouncil.org and www.mmacusa.org ) and Mining Districts were outlined for the twenty-one states where the MMAC would have assistence.

• Various job positions and their descriptions have been created for the MMAC and those can be viewed at the above website.

• Applications for the various jobs and were completed.

• Initial MMAC rules and regulations were established.

• Administrative applications are complete and ready for qualified individuals to fill out.

What’s Next

We’ve invested thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours so far in this process and now we need your assistance to make it a success. Here’s what we need:

• Forward this information by direct email to other miners.

• Please read through the material on our website. If there is something we have left out, please feel free to let us know. Corrections/additions/deletions are ongoing.

• Please review the MMAC job descriptions and apply for the various positions within the MMAC.

• If you know someone who would be an ideal candidate for one of the many positions, please forward this information to them.

• Submit your application. 

• Any organization or business that can assist with funding would be greatly appreciated.

• Plans are in the works for educational television shows on local cable shows in the appropriate states. We have one miner who is currently producing television quality videos but could use another.

• Marketing directors are needed for each state. We’re looking for miners who are Familiar with web-site management, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, LinkedIn and similar programs.

• Anyone who has or can produce an appropriate curriculum for use in schools to educate our next generation on the importance of mining is encouraged to submit the curriculum to MMAC for review.